This website is made to spread the wisdoms words of Eckhart Tolle.

I welcome you on this website. You are very welcome to read here, but you should know that the content is primarily structured as a help in my own quest for insight into Eckhart Tolles wisdom.

My name is Hans Christian Andersen, and I am the webmaster of this site. The life that I am, has changed. Changed back to it origins. For that, I am Eckhart Tolle much grateful. I also have my own blog, and that you can find here: www.hans-christian-andersen.com

This is not an official Eckhart Tolle site. If you are looking for the official Eckhart Tolle website, you can find it her: www.eckharttolle.com

About this website:

Have you ever asked yourself why you are alive? Have you ever asked yourself what the meaning of it all is?

I am quite sure you have, if not, you probably had never ended up on this website.

Eckhart Tolle is the spiritual teacher who can help you to a better life, just as he has helped millions of others, including me who writes these words.

Immerse yourself in Eckhart Tolles wisdom and a whole new world – yes, a whole new universe opens up for you.

What if I told you that most of your problems arise from the fact that “you do not see the world as it is, but you see the world as you are”!

Or, what if I told you – that you are not your thoughts. But you is who is behind all of your thoughts and who can be aware of your thoughts. Can you sense the depth of this? Can you feel the freedom and peace that could potentially bring to you?

These two small examples are part of the lesson as Eckhart Tolle invites you to take with you, not for his sake – but for your own sake …

Over time, this site probably will be extended, but until then, so it exists only in this moment.

This website is created on my own private initiative, without connection to organizations or associations. I am just one among many who found a new way of living inspired by the light of Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom.

When I read Tolle’s wisdom, then the experience for me is, that he puts words to something that I always have known but I never have been able to put into words. Thus, there is a great redemption, and a huge relief and I am Eckhart Tolle deeply grateful.



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So it just might be better to contact me, if you have any questions concerning this website.